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Company of Implementation and Application of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering BIO-GEN LTD was founded in 1990 in Opole which is where until The 1st of January 2009 Company’s head quarters were located. During this period significant changes in ownership of the company combined with the change of the Company’s registered office to the production plant in Namysłów took place. Changes in the management of the company and its finances resulted in an extremely dynamic development of Bio-Gen. A number of investments were undertaken to improve the production processes, modifying manufacturing technology, adapting the company produce to market requirements. Bio-Gen’s goal is to further develop by conducting further research, continuously expanding product portfolio, confirming its leading position on the domestic market and promoting the products worldwide.

Bio-Gen continues to conduct research therefore the development in the field of biological and environmental sciences as well as in forestry, agricultural and veterinary science. Apart from the production of bio-preparations on the basis of microorganisms, the company manufactures plant bio-preparations. BIO-GEN also carries out a training scheme and research publications. As one of the few companies in the world BIO-GEN leads the so-called Medical bio-farm which through laboratorial methods breeds medical leeches of Hirudomedicinalis and Hirudoverbana type. BIO-GEN also runs hirudo-therapy courses.


The company has developed its own method of producing and composing of bio-preparations (probiotics) containing the compositions of the necessary microorganisms for the particular species of livestock. Their commercial forms (after the positive results of scientific and production tests) were registered on 21st of January 1992 by the Ministry of Agriculture and were granted consent to be marketed and used as an additive in animal fodder in Poland. Over the years, their numbers have increased, including more and more species of domestic animals and so called amateur animals. The BIOGEN series now contains dozens of different products desingned for feed or drinking water for animals. All preparations from the BIOGEN series have been notified to the European Union. Currently they have the status of premixes and fodder silage. As part of a project designed for Scientific Research Committee, alongside the University of Opole, the composition methodology and technology of the production of liquid and solid products designed for purification and utilization of liquids, solids and odor pollutions in livestock areas and their surroundings and other similar pollutants have been developed. Up to now, three preparations from the BIOSAN series have been made, after necessary modifications. They have extended to the original scope of use which guarantees the effectiveness of the product and full safety for humans, animals and the environment. Based on BIOSAN, a new product under a name of KOMPOST START was developed for use on compost piles and landfills.

After several years of research and studies, in 2001 the KRIOFLOR was developed and certified and therefore it became the first product designed to increase the periodic immunity of plants to frosts. Since 2004, the Company has conducted research into development of its own laboratory technology for breeding medical leeches. This technology, after solving a number of biological problems and having obtained a permit from the Ministry of the Environment, has been implemented in autumn of 2006. Within the framework of medical bio-farm, intensive livestock and sales are conducted. Currently breeding and selling Hirudoverbana leaches. In 2005, the company began its hirudo-therapy course, which continues in collaboration with the Parmed Academy.

All research and production activities of the Company were conducted in cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions. The most important of these included: Wrocław University of Life Sciences, Poznań and Cracow Universities, SGGW in Warsaw, Opole University, Zootechnik Institute in Balice, Institute of Vegetable Research, Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice and the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy in Wrocław. Some of the research centers are still working with BIO-GEN. A huge achievement for the company was a bio-preparation designed for the disposal of bottom sediments in water reservoirs (BIOGEN-REMEDIANT). In 2007, a product classified as a group of soil revitalization under the trade name BIOGEN REWITAL was developed and implemented. In 2012 Bio-Gen was granted permission for production and implementation of growth stimulant SUPERPLON K.

The company is constantly working on improving the technology of the production of bio-preparations and works related to achieving better results in the breeding of leeches. As a company that organizes courses in the field of hirudo-therapy (treatment using medical leeches). We keep a close eye to the level of knowledge delivered by lecturers to future hirudo-therapy practitioners.

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