Bio-Gen is a partner in the Silage Expert programme

The Bio-Gen company is a producer of highly efficient microbiological-preparations used for the production of silage.

The product composes of 5 bacteria strains, concentration of which has no match amongst any competitor products.

The silage product contains homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria which speeds up the conservation and delays the silage warming process during picking of silage from prism, silo as well as in the TMR on the fodder table. The lactobacillusbrevis strain had the ability of photosynthesis in the compounds inhibiting fungi growth within the silage. Using Bio-Gen’s ensilage product reduces unwanted microorganisms including mould and pathogenic bacteria of Escherichia Coli and Salmonella furthermore the use of the product lowers the levels of contamination of the fodder with toxic metabolites of mould such as alpha toxin B1 and oczratoxin A.

Advantages of using the bioprepartion include:

  • Improvement of taste properties within the silage
  • Saving on rich content fodder
  • Minimisation in risk of fodder spoiling
  • Increased gain in milk productio

In 2017 Bio-Gen became a member of Silage Expert programme thanks to their innovative bio-preparation. Silage expert programme is a nationwide Polish programme which brings together experts in the field for the purpose of researching and studying the conditions of silage. Its objectives are also helping and educating farmers in the area of silage animal fodder.

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