Ruminant preparation for the prevention of metabolic acidosis and indigestion.


BIOGEN AC contains: lyophilisate of probiotic microorganisms, standardized from Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL CECT 4529, Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 11181, Pediococcus acidolactici ATCC 8042, Lactobacillus casei ATCC 7469, additives: [4.1.3], [11.1.3], [11.1.4], [11.4.1] and vitamin-mineral-amino acid concentrate.

The concentration of probiotic bacteria in 1 gram of the preparation is a minimum of 3.2 x 1010 CFU.


The preparation is used as a feed additive for:

  • 2 to 6 months old calves: 10-20 grams daily,
  • up to 18 months old heifers and opasy: 25-35 grams per day,
  • cows and bulls: 35-50 grams a day,
  • sheep and goats: 5-10 grams per day.

Effects of use

  • buffering of excessive acidification of the ruminant organism,
  • restores the beneficial microbial composition of the rumen,
  • supports the digestive processes of nutrients,
  • compensates for metabolic disorders and alleviates gastrointestinal disease,
  • covers the needs of vitamins and minerals,
  • preventive treatment reduces the incidence of fetal membrane arrest and postpartum miscarriage.

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