A product designed to improve the environmental and sanitary conditions of livestock with deep litter and other similar burdens.


The product includes a starter supplement and a suitably arranged composition of non-pathogenic microorganisms which thanks to a wide spectrum of activity cause disintegration of harmful substances (ammonia, nitrites, hydrogen sulphide, indole, skatole and mercaptans), target fermentation processes, reduce the proportion of fermented and alcoholic fermentation, and inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms through the effect of adhesion.


The product is used in the amount of 5 to 2 grams per 1 m2 of the station every 14 days. Higher doses are recommended in the initial period of use.

Method of use

The calculated and weighed amount of product is to be scattered exactly on the biodegradable surface. The application can be performed in the presence of animals within the livestock stations.

For effective treatment it is important that the treatment is systematic repeated every 14 days.

Effects of use

  • reducing odours in livestock areas, dumps and landfills, rubbish, composters and their surroundings,
  • significant reduction of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia content in livestock and the place of application, as well as a significant reduction in the emission of these gases to the environment,
  • reduction of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi in animal environment, litter, composts, landfills and rubbish, as well as reduction of pathogenic microbial contamination to the environment from such sources,
  • reducing the number of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases in humans and animals, and limb diseases in animals,
  • reduction of nitrite in litter, composts and in farmed crops,
  • reduction of odours during storage and spreading of manure into fields, as well as rapid and beneficial regeneration of degraded soil microflora,
  • rapid and proper disposal of manure, manure mineralization, biomass homogenization, as well as the unblocking of sewage and the maintenance of liquid manure tanks,
  • reduction of humidity in litter, waste prisms and livestock facilities.

Additional information

Preparat jest absolutnie bezpieczny dla ludzi, zwierząt i środowiska i nie wymaga przy stosowaniu zachowywania szczególnych środków ostrożności.

Trwałość preparatu wynosi 24 miesiące od daty produkcji uwidocznionej na opakowaniu.

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