High quality shelter growing


High temperatures and humidity are excellent conditions for the development of pathogens on plants. Plants with non-specialized microflora often succumb to fungal diseases which attack not only stems and leaves, but also flowers and vegetables. The surfaces on which probiotic bacteria are active creates pathogen-blocking coating on the plant.

The bacteria in the preparation stimulate the plants to better crops and growth.

Method of use

Shelter growing: Spray during the growing cycle: 0.2% solution (100 g in 50 l of water) recommended water quantity – 50 l per 1000 m2. Fine spray is the recommended method. Repeat spraying every 14 days, in the late afternoon or evening. The product can also be used with watering the root system at a dose of 0.2% (100 g in 50 l of water) per 1000 m2. In soil growing the product can be mixed with fertilizers (except concentrated acid solutions). Once the plants are planted, spray at least once in a concentration of not less than 0.2% (100 g in 50 l of water) per 1000 m2.
Do not mix the preparation with fungicides. If there is a need for fungicide treatment on the plants, the product may only be applied after a week grace period from the last treatment. The preparation can be mixed with foliar fertilizers.

Effects of use

  • increase in quality and crop numbers,
  • reducing the occurrence of plant diseases,
  • improved flowering,
  • reduction of stress after replanting,
  • stimulation of plant growth,
  • better plant nutrition,
  • limiting the need for plant protection products,
  • limiting residues of chemicals in vegetables,
  • support for plant regeneration,
  • better plant vigour.

Laboratory and field studies

Table 1 Effects of prophylactic treatment using GUARD G on the frequency of diseases, InHort Skierniewice 2016

Combinations Frequency of Botrytis cinerea (grey mould) appearance (%) in chrysanthemum cultivation type Lesonil White Frequency of Podosphaera pannosa (powdery mildew) appearance  (%) in roses cultivation type Smith Ideal
Control 68.2 37
Prophylactic treatment of 0,1% GUARD G (without plant protection products) 30.7 1.0
Standard chemical protection 35.9 3.2

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