Mortar preparation for seeds.


SuperPower seed mortar is a bacterial germ which contains plant growth promoters (PGPB – Plant GrowthPromotingBacteria), which in the early stages of plant development (germination) produce a number of metabolites that influence the induction of plant hormone synthesis, such as auxin, gibberellin, etc. Bacteria present on the seed have the ability to produce siderophores – natural metal chelating compounds, ie: copper, iron. Bacteria contained in the preparation transform minerals into simple organic substances, such as amino acids, which can be absorbed by plants and can become an essential building block of tissues.

Method of use

Cereal, maize: 1 kg / 1 tonne of grain

Rape: 0.5 kg / 1 tonne of seeds

Method of preparation of the mixture in combination with the mortar: dissolve the amount of preparation required in a small amount of water (about 0.5 l) by vigorous shaking, add the solution to the mortar, mix and season as usual.

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